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Who We Are

eutopia is a leader in place marketing 

eutopia means “place perfected” and we believe every place no matter what its size has potential, harnessed through a well developed proposition and its people.......

Place marketing campaigns need to be more than communication of existing place assets. Effective campaigns are built on a well developed proposition, with clear positioning that is clearly targeted to the audience where there is highest potential of engagement.

We believe your location is unique

Place marketing campaigns can bland and uninspiring. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, campaign execution needs a clever and creative approach to achieve standout. We select the best marketing agencies to help deliver your place marketing campaigns and where possible work with providers based in your community.

All our place experts have more than 15 years experience, specialist experience in economic development, marketing and place making and are located in key international hubs . Check out the eutopia team HERE

We bring an intelligent data driven approach to help position and effectively market your location a a hub to Invest, Live, Work and Study

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